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You may be killin’ it at work but you’re dying on the vine in your personal life.

Or you may be mom of the year but your passion – for yourself, maybe even for life – has left the building.

You are designed to feel confident in who you are and passionate about what you do. 

Don’t settle for status quo one more day.  Maggie can help you learn to love yourself so you can connect deeply to others.



You’re made for more than just bringing home a paycheck and going through the motions. Despite appearances, you still don’t think you “measure up.” 

Or maybe you’ve been through divorce and your confidence took a beating you’ve not recovered from. 

Wearing the “I got this” mask for too long is tiring for any guy. Greg can help you realize that you ARE enough and real connection IS possible. 



You probably started out enjoying deep connection.  But life is busy and even messy sometimes. Talking and sharing get replaced by silence and boredom.

If you ignore the signs for too long the fire to rebuild that connection may burn out. Before it’s too late – and while there is still some spark – fight for your relationship! 

Restore your passion and intimacy with with help tailored to your needs.

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Greg & Maggie Rhine

What if it were true that you already have the ability to transform your relationships
– and your life?  As former people-pleasers who lived with the constant pressure of trying to measure up, we understand how life-draining it is to wrestle with a tenacious inner critic.   It’s hard to hope for anything other than status quo when the fear of not being enough is hiding inside. But, you are meant for more than just going through the motions.  Way more.  For over 25 years we’ve been helping men and women conquer that fear, fully show up in their relationships and find the adventure that life can be.  It’s not always easy, but connecting deeply with yourself, God and others is the key.

We’ve been where you may be.  If you’re ready for the courage to begin a journey of transformation and the commitment to being authentic, schedule a free discovery call today to see if we’re a good fit.

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